Torch Technologies and our employee-owners have been involved in a number of charitable activities such as the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation “Walk for a Cure,” Toys for Tots, Walk to Defeat ALS, and sponsoring a youth robotics team. As our company grew, it became apparent that an ad hoc approach to community involvement would be neither effective nor efficient. In the spring of 2005, Torch formed a 501(c)(3) organization named Torch Helps. Our first year goal was to give $20,000 in contributions to local charities from funds raised through payroll deduction, designated gifts, and corporate matching.

We exceeded our goal through a quarterly grant program, providing relief to Hurricane Katrina victims, and replacing a stolen utility trailer for a local Boy Scout troop. Since that first year, we have increased the amount of the quarterly grants and have added a Small Grant program. We have also participated in a Habitat for Humanity build and helped purchase, deliver, and install air conditioner units for CASA.

Our employees have given back to the community in many ways. We are active in our churches, schools and many volunteer organizations. We are parents, brothers, sisters, friends, mentors, advisors, grandparents, and so much more. We have created a work environment that reinforces the fact that coaching tee-ball is far more important than a management strategy session. After all, what value is it to earn a living if you do not take the time to have a life?

The highest calling in life is to help others. Torch Technologies supports our employees’ charitable efforts by covering all of the administrative costs of Torch Helps. Thus, 100% of the donations to Torch Helps goes to the organizations selected by the employees.

Together Our Resources Can Help!


Our Mission

To carry the Torch for others in our communities by providing financial support to non-profit organizations designed to aid those in need.

Torch Helps was formed to make grants to other public charities for the benefit of individuals and families who are financially disadvantaged, lack access to basic health and human services, or are otherwise disadvantaged and require the assistance of others to meet their basic needs for food, clothing, shelter, medical care, and other fundamental needs.


To date, Torch Helps has provided $647,122 in direct grants. When you also consider retailer discounts; federal matching funds; and material and cash donations from our customers, competitors, family, friends, and lawyers, the total estimated economic impact of Torch Helps exceeds $700,000.

Of course, the real impact is not measured in dollars and cents. It is reflected in the young mother who now has her own home and a dream to start her own business. It is felt by the disabled lady who no longer has to suffer the sweltering heat of a long, dry summer. It is honored by the Boy Scout Troop who decided to give half their new camping gear to a troop that was affected by Hurricane Katrina.

We may never see most of the people whose lives have been made a little better by the small amounts that we give every two weeks, but we consider it an honor to support the local charities and their volunteers who do.


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