From Local Organizations

Can charities apply for a grant without an employee nomination?


Do I need to provide all the information requested on the Grant Application form?

Yes. Incomplete packages are routinely rejected by our Review Committee. Torch Helps will notify charities with incomplete packages and hold the package until all requirements are met.

What is the status of our grant application?

The Review Committee may request clarification from a charity for a piece of information on their grant application.  The charities that fail the Review Committee process are only notified if they submit a stamped, self-addressed envelope.  The following statement is listed on page 5 of the grant application:

Optional:  Please provide a stamped, self-addressed envelope if you wish to receive notification of the results of the review of your application and screening for eligibility.

What is the Small Grant Program?

Charities with small needs must be employee nominated, and employees must fill out and submit the Small Grant Application form that is available on the Torch employee portal.

From Our Employees

Are Employee Contributions Tax Deductible?

Yes. All contributions to Torch Helps are tax deductible. For most employees who allow payroll deductions, the donations will show up on pay stubs and on your W-2 form under a “Charity” heading.

How do I start contributing?

The contribution form is located on the Torch Intranet under Documents >> Payroll (link requires logging into our Intranet site)

Where are the charities that receive grants?

We have given grants throughout Huntsville/Madison County, AL, Eglin, FL, and Colorado Springs, CO. There are more than 80 charities that have received our quarterly grants. Many of these organizations serve surrounding counties.

How do I nominate a local charity?

Employees who contribute to Torch Helps may nominate charities by contacting them directly and directing them to our Grant Application page. For Small or Special grants, employees must fill out and submit the Small Grant Application form. Specifically read the eligibility information to see if the charity qualifies for our grant programs.

Is our financial information public?

Yes. The most recent All Hands Presentation is available to our employees and to the general public.

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